Can I Change My Laptop Processor From Amd To Intel

It is tempting to use Intel processors because of their low pricing, improved performance, and gaming compatibility. As you’re asking the question, maybe your laptop is running on the AMD motherboard. 

But unfortunately, you can’t change your laptop processor from AMD to Intel. Because they require different motherboard configurations to work on.

CPUs are not compatible across brands. Although Ram, Storage, GPU, and other hardware components are perhaps used on both AMD and Intel motherboards. Likewise, Intel processors are incompatible with AMD sockets.

Let’s understand all about CPU sockets and why can’t you use the same socket for a different processor.

What is the CPU Socket Of A Motherboard?

Here socket means a slot on the motherboard to plug in the CPUs without soldering. All sockets are distinct. It is different even in the same brand of motherboard and CPU.

CPU sockets of different models have different types and pin counts such as 1151, and 1200. These pins resemble the pins on the processors as well. 

A 10th-generation Intel CPU comes with 1200 pins. On the other hand a 12th-generation CPU is built with 1700 pins.

In terms of types, AMD 1000 Series Ryzen and Athlon processors use Pin Grid Array (PGA) type sockets whereas Intel 7th Gen

Core / Pentium / Celeron CPUs use Land Grid Array (LGA) types. 

As we can see, the physical arrangement of the pins is different from the sockets of one brand to another. Intel CPUs are not usable with AMD motherboards. 

Can You Replace A Laptop’s Processor?

A laptop CPU is an outstanding piece of technology. But in terms of upgradation, it’s a bit more complicated than the other parts of the computer. 

We have talked about compatibility issues between different brands. To replace a processor with another brand, it is necessary to change the motherboard first. 

Laptops are very inflexible when it comes to redeeming components. To keep motherboards pocket-sized everything is soldered in the board. So, it is hard to change any parts beyond the ram and the hard drive.

It is nearly impossible to change the CPUs of any laptop. You can’t even replace it with the same brand and generation and series.

Though if you take an older version laptop, their CPUs are installed not soldered in a socket. In this case, you can change the processor with a socket-compatible CPU from the same brand. 

As you can not change your CPU you should try other ways to improve your laptop’s performance. 

Why Should You Use AMD Processors?

Super-fast Speed

AMD processors are super-fast in processing. The Ryzen 4000 series has a base clock speed of 3.0 GHz and can boost speed to 4.2 GHz. 

Aggressive Price Range

AMD CPUs are comparatively cheaper. You can get tremendous performance at  surprisingly low price. In most cases, AMD delivers more cores and threads at a meager cost.


In terms of reliability, AMD processors stand a very powerful position because of their power efficiency in processing. Also, these processors retain advanced cooling profiles, less power consumption, and a high durability rate. 

Should You Consider Intel Processors?

While AMD offers high-quality components at a cheaper price range, there are a few reasons you should consider buying Intel processors.


Intel is one of the most powerful processor brands on the market. They’ve been in the industry for a long period. Which makes them more available than the other brands. It offers consumers more modifiable PC choices and tons of features, and it is also compatible with low-range devices.

Power Consumption

Intel uses low-power-taking processors in their notebook computers. As cited, the AMD processor uses more watts than Intel’s Atom CPU that powers the Netbook. 

How To Boost Your Laptop’s Performance

Laptops usually suffer performance blows after being used for a long time. As it is difficult to upgrade the processor for performance enhancement. There are a couple of important changes we can make to improve a laptop’s performance. 

Upgrading the RAM, Hard Disk, and wireless cards shows a significant change that boosts the working ability of the device. 

Most of the older laptops run on HDD. Integrating an SSD into the device upgrades the speed level. 

You can also change the Wi-Fi AC card to a Wi-Fi AX card to improve the network performance.


A motherboard chipset is a bridge that installs a connection among the processor and the other parts of the PC.

The difference between AMD and Intel motherboard chipsets radically turns the CPUs incompatible. 

Since Intel and Amd require dedicated and compatible chipsets, replacing Amd CPU with Intel is unobtainable.


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