Can I Upgrade My Laptop Processor From i7 To i9?

Generally no, it is not quite possible to upgrade your laptop processor from i7 to i9. This is because the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the laptops are predominantly embedded into their motherboard. 

Now, in almost every laptop, you are easily allowed to upgrade your RAM and hard drives. However, it is not completely impossible to update your laptop processor. All you need are proper skills and the ability to handle a lot of risks.

Along with your expertise, you need to follow certain instructions and look out for some limitations. Don’t worry as we are here to guide you through!

Reasons to upgrade your laptop processor from i7 to i9:

Updating the laptop processor can be very convenient for the user. If you are more inclined towards using devices with greater performance, then updating your laptop processor should be the best option.

It increases the storage capacity and enhances the speed of your laptop. Therefore, you will be able to store more files along with minimal lagging.

Is the Intel Core i9 better than the Intel Core i7?

Even though both processors are high-powered, the i9 is superior. The i9 is the latest version of the i7 and it stimulates clock speed, expands memory capacity, and provides better execution. Hence, modifying the processor should be the best for gamers and engineers who use laptops daily.

Constraints for upgrading your laptop processor:

There are some limitations to changing your laptop processor even though most commonly it is not possible. Here are these:

  • To update your laptop processor, firstly you need to be highly qualified regarding this.
  • Bear in mind that your laptop model should be those released before 2018 as the newer ones have their CPUs attached to their motherboards.
  • Your laptop must have the “drop-in” functionality. 
  • Use laptops with better ventilation otherwise your device will get too hot.
  • If done wrong, you will have a danger of potentially damaging your device.

Steps to upgrade your laptop processor from i7 to i9:

If you are ready to take up the challenge, here are the step-by-step instruction you need to follow:

Confirmation by your system:

First of all, you need to see whether your system accepts this sort of upgrade. For this, you have to check the BIOS of your motherboard and see whether it is compatible with an update or not.

To make this easier, you can use a software, preferably CPU-Z. Next, find out the socket type for your motherboard. If your CPU contains a BGA socket, then changing your processor is out of the question.

However, if it uses a PGA or LGA socket, then you can continue your procedure. Finally, you need to check the thermal capacity of your CPU. 

The i9 processor is more susceptible to overheating which is why you need a CPU that is not affected by it. If all of these requirements match, you can definitely update your laptop processor. 


  • Unplug your device with the i7 processor
  • Screw out the back of your laptop 
  • Replace the old CPU with the new one
  • Screw everything back to their place
  • Restart your laptop to find the new i9 processor


In conclusion, it is not recommended to upgrade your laptop processor considering that the process is extremely lengthy and costly. Also, you need to put in a lot of time and effort. 

Modifying your processor has its advantages as it supports fast performance and more RAM. But, you need to make sure your CPU is compatible with the upgrade and whether it is impacted by overheating or not.

Nevertheless, if you are up for the challenge, you need to meticulously follow our guidelines and successfully update your laptop processor from i7 to i9.


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