Can I Use a Solar Panel To Charge My Laptop?

A solar panel is able to hold the power from the sun and can provide charge or power to your laptop. But sometimes, it is not going to be an easy task. Many people get disappointed because they don’t find it is not working.

Well, by hearing it, you need not think of any negativity that solar panels don’t work in the laptop charging field. You definitely can do it.

You can charge your laptop through a solar panel which has rates as 60 to 100 watts. You must ensure 18v or above that.

Anyways, this article is about to tell you all the facts and factors about how you should use a solar panel to charge the laptop.

Can I Use a Solar Panel To Charge My Laptop?

Well, you have already got the answer to this question. But there are some factors you should know to proceed with the system without any disruption. If you ensure the mentioned things properly, then you will be able to charge the laptop directly from the solar panel.


Ensuring the correct amount of voltage is important. Too much higher voltage than the adaptor’s mentioned voltage can harm your device. Again, if you use low voltage, then the laptop will not take charge of it.

Current (Amps)

For this factor, you also need to ensure the exact amount of current to charge your laptop. Otherwise, it may cause issues on your laptop.


You have to provide 3aps to 5 amps to charge your laptop. So, basically, you need a solar panel with 60 watts.


You may need to try different adapters for different kinds of laptops. When you choose solar panels, you need to choose the proper types of connector with your laptop.

Again, the size of the connectors is also another fact you need to ensure. A size chart has been given below to know what size you need with what type of laptop.

LaptopConnector size
Acer5.5 *1.7 mm
Dell/Hp7.4* 5.0 mm
Samsung5.5 * 2.5 mm
Asus4.0 * 1.35 mm
Lenovo7.9 * 5.6 mm

Reverse polarity

You have to be careful about reverse polarity. It basically happens at night time when the sunlight is absent and solar has lower voltage than the need for the charger of your laptop.

But now, most solar panels have a blocking diode that prevents reverse polarity. Also, there are some laptops that have the protection of reverse polarity on their circuit.

What type of solar panel do I need to charge my laptop?

However what type of solar panel will go better with your laptop basically depends on the power consumption of your laptop. A moderate-size laptop consumes a 30 W power supply.

If you run your laptop at least 4 hours a day, then the calculation would be (30W *4 = 120 Wh). So, here you will have to use such a solar panel which gives at least 150Wh power supply in a day.

Hence, here you have to calculate the power supply to set up the solar panel according to your need.


Hopefully, you got your answer and all the facts about the solar panel and the charging procedure with this system.  All the factors you should maintain accordingly.

Then, the whole system will work out very nicely and you can charge your laptop with the support of a solar panel.


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