Can Laptops Go In Hold Luggage

Yes, Laptops can go in-hold luggage. Many individuals have to carry laptops, particularly frequent travelers, but there is uncertainty about the permissibility of carrying laptops in hold luggage.

However, this article will cover airline regulations, hazards of carrying laptops in checked luggage, and potential substitutes.

Airlines’ Policies on Laptops in Hold Luggage: 

There are airlines that prohibit laptops in hold luggage due to safety reasons, while other airlines may allow laptops in hold luggage but impose certain limitations, such as weight restrictions or guidelines for packing.

For instance, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the United States does not forbid laptops from being checked in. To prevent damage or loss, the TSA advises travelers to keep their laptops and other electronic devices in their carry-on luggage.

Other companies, like Emirates and Qatar Airways, permit travelers to check laptops, but they must take them out of their cases and pack them separately.

Airline policies regarding laptops in checked baggage vary, with some permitting them while others forbid them, and even those that allow them may impose restrictions such as requiring separate packing or weight limits; it’s advisable to consult with your airline for their specific policies before traveling.

Risks of Putting Laptops in Hold Luggage:

Storing laptops in hold luggage poses several hazards, including the possibility of damage during transit as checked bags are often subjected to rough handling that can jostle and harm laptops.

Also, because an airplane’s cargo hold is not climate-controlled, the interior components of the laptop may be harmed by high temperatures and humidity.

The laptop may malfunction as a result or sustain long-term damage.

The possibility of being stolen is another danger when placing laptops in hold luggage.

Sadly, it happens frequently for items to be stolen from checked luggage, and laptops are a valuable commodity that can be targeted by burglars.

It can be difficult to get your laptop back if it is stolen from your checked luggage, and you might not be entitled to any financial compensation.

Alternatives to Checking Laptops in Hold Luggage:

Carrying your laptop in your hold luggage is the safest method of transportation. By doing this, you can monitor it and make sure it is safe while en route.

There are a few things you may take to reduce the danger of damage of your laptop.

  • Get a hard-shell laptop case first, or pack it with extra padding for added security.
  • To lessen the chance of causing harm to the laptop’s internal components, you can alternatively remove the battery and store it separately.
  • Another choice is to place your laptop inside your checked luggage in a separate laptop bag or backpack.
  • It will be more shielded from harm by other goods in your luggage 


In conclusion, even if it is theoretically conceivable, it is not advised to pack laptops in hold luggage. The risk of theft and damage to computers is here when they are checked in.

If you have to check your luggage in order to bring your laptop, take extra security measures like using a hard-shell case or putting it in a different bag. The safest choice is to bring your laptop with you in your carry-on luggage.


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