Can MacBook Connect to Multiple Bluetooth Devices?

As a novice who is just diving into apple products, this question may come to your mind from the day you bought that shiny piece of electronics at home. The answer is a bit tricky: you can add multiple Bluetooth devices but you can play only one at a time. 

How to connect one Bluetooth device?

The first and foremost thing to ensure is that your Bluetooth devices like headphones or sound box are turned on and within the discoverable range of the MacBook (10 metres or 30 feet).

The rest of the process is like any normal tablet or laptop. The steps are: 

1.Going to system preference

2.Selecting Bluetooth icon(I am sure you know how it looks) 

3.Clicking Turn Bluetooth On option 

4.The devices that are within range will be shown in the right window.

5.Selecting your desired device. 

If that device is completely new to your MacBook, you might have to give or accept a password. It’s called pairing.  You can simply turn on bluetooth by keyboard shortcut which is Ctrl+Fn+F2.

Multiple Bluetooth Connecting:

Though there is permission for connecting up to seven Bluetooth devices on any Mac, Apple recommends you keep it low-profile. Maybe three or four. 

The process of pairing multiple Bluetooth devices is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Just follow the steps mentioned in the previous part for each device.

Now when it is about using two specific devices at a specific time, take no trouble. Just follow the orders: 

  • Firstly open finder, this should be super fast cause it literally welcomes you with a smiling face of gray and blue.
  •  Secondly, look at the top of the screen, find the Go menu, and click it. From all the options presented to you, select utilities.
  • Then double-click on the option of Audio MIDI. A new window will emerge named “Audio Devices”. Short gk quiz: MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
  •  Click the plus icon and then select Create Multi-Output Device. 
  • Choose the two you wanna play simultaneously from the list of paired devices.

For a better experience, you can rename the devices so that choosing might be easier. 

Fixing Bluetooth Problems:

If you are having issues with connected Bluetooth devices, you should check the battery percentage of that device. It can be done by both viewing the Bluetooth icon and going to the system preference.

The few other options available are updating Macos, rebooting mac, removing materials like metal, concrete, thunderbolt, and any other devices like mobile phones between the MacBook and Bluetooth device, removing devices and resetting the Bluetooth module.

If your device contains an app for Bluetooth accessories, make sure that it is turned on. Pressing the power button of your bluetooth device helps you more than you anticipate. 


Though apple products are expensive, they come with their unique features and advantages. This provides the consumer with the opportunity to use a wireless keyboard, mouse, trackpad, sports accessories, AirPods, peripheral devices, headsets, etc.


I have had a laptop shop in California since 2011. I love to share my info with you guys.

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