Can We Change a Laptop’s Motherboard?

Motherboard is a major part that actually keeps going to your laptop. However, you can update your motherboard or change it if it fails to work. However, finding a truly matched motherboard is challenging.

In regular retail shops and auction houses, you can get used parts that are pulled from another device. You can check this to get the best match.

Anyways, in this article, I will disclose the facts and factors of how to change a laptop’s motherboard. So, go ahead with the article to know further details.

Is it possible to upgrade a laptop motherboard?

You may think that you can’t change the motherboard of the laptop. You may even wonder whether there is a possibility to replace it. One thing you have to note is that replacing a motherboard is a complex procedure and it costs a pretty nice amount. 

However, in this amount, you will probably buy another new laptop. But there are basically so many people who want to refurbish their products. So, if you really want to do it, then you may change the motherboard.

How to change the motherboard in a laptop?

Here, I would like to give you information regarding how to change the motherboard in a laptop. The step-by-step guidelines have given below:

Step -1:

First, browse the manual function of the laptop to ensure any specific requirements. Then try to remove the hard drive and optical drive.

Step -2:

Then, close the laptop’s lid and disconnect the power supply. After that try to remove the battery. Now, you have to place the laptop in an upside-down position and have to clean the surface of the laptop.

Step – 3:

Then, if there is any kind of static electricity metal surface, you will have to discharge it.

Step 4:

Now, you have to unscrew the memory chips and remove them very carefully. You may find the memory chips on the side of the mini PCI card. This PCI is a wireless card.

Step 5:

Here you will get the antenna from the wireless PCI cord. You need to remove the antenna as well. After that, open the door of the processor, if you find the processor doesn’t come with the motherboard then you should remove it too. Then, keep it aside.  

Step- 6:

Now start to open all the screws that hold the laptop case together. Use the correct size of the screwdriver to open them. Make sure not to open any screw that is attached to the LCD. If there is any necessary then open it.

Step – 7:

Now, you have to disconnect all the wires that are connected to the motherboard. Like a video card that is closely attached to the motherboard. Then you have to place the mounting screw in the motherboard to unscrew them.


Through the old motherboard and resemble the other parts in order.


So in general, the conclusion is that you are able to replace your old motherboard from the laptop with the new modern one. This process is a little complex and costly.

If you are okay with it, then you can replace it. But you can’t replace it with your own. It is better to go technician to get the original motherboard and they will do the task nicely. 

Hopefully, you find the article informative and helpful.


I have had a laptop shop in California since 2011. I love to share my info with you guys.

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