Can You Cast An Oculus Quest To A Macbook?

Experiencing content with Virtual Reality is astonishing. Hence, Oculus Quest is one of the best VR headsets available. However, casting quests on mobile devices is a plain service provided by the Oculus App. Oculus Quest boosts our gaming experiences to another level. It is connected to a PC using Play Steam Games so easily. 

Apple devices are smooth and efficacious. Sometimes it frustrates users while connecting some software and devices considering compatibility issues. Fortunately, the Quest 2 can be connected to a Macbook with several processes.

Hence, casting a quest using a middleman (cast to a mobile phone and then use any screen mirroring app to mirror to your mac) is easily done. But connecting Oculus Quest to a MacBook is not a piece of cake.

Now maybe you’re wondering how you can connect your quest to your mac. Don’t worry, I got your back.

Ways to cast Oculus Quest to your Macbook,

A quest can be connected to a mac either USB type C cable or using the Bootcamp program to use Windows OS on Mac.

To cast over USB

You can simply connect your quest to your Mac using just a type c cable. Follow the article to know how you can do it. 


  • Create a Dev account on the Oculus site. If you have one, then you’re good to go.
  • USB type C cable with Oculus Quest.
  • Set up Developer mode in the Oculus IOS app.
  • Install Homebrew on your Mac.

Step-by-Step Process

  • Open the mac terminal and type, brew cask install android-platform-tools
  • It will take some time to download and install all the necessary packages. Packages will set adb accessible from PATH.
  •  Then run the following command to install Scrcpy, brew install scrcpy 
  • The installation may take around 10-15 minutes. Now that you’ve installed all the necessary packages. You’re ready to cast.
  • Connect your quest to your mac using a type C cable. Open the terminal and type, scrcpy 
  • You may get an error if you haven’t given access permission to your Oculus. A window will pop up requesting the confirmation to access permission to the Mac.
  • Press ‘allow always’ to confirm. After that run the command scrcpy again. You should be fine to go.
  • ‘scrcpy’ is a free application that allows people to control android devices and VR with Windows and MacOS.
  • You can record your gameplay simply just typing, scrcpy –record myrecording.mp4

To cast using the Bootcamp program:

You can also cast your Quest using the Bootcamp program.

  • Download the windows installation media on your Mac.
  • Go to Utilities folder.
  • Select ‘Bootcamp assistant’ and click ‘continue’. It’ll automatically find the ISO file and select it.
  • Install windows OS on your Mac.

After setting up the Bootcamp program:

  • Download the Oculus app and install it on your windows OS.
  • If Oculus doesn’t recognize the graphics card, go to the AMD support page and download the latest drivers for Bootcamp.
  • Connect the Oculus Quest to your mac using a type c cable.
  • If you face red herring (specification problem), you can solve it by clicking on the Device tab and then by atoning your refresh rate and resolution. 


A Quest can pair up with high-end GPU-supported devices. Connecting it to a mac doesn’t give the user the conventional result. You can play low-end games and explore other functionality without a hitch.

But it may be clatter while playing heavy graphical games. However, if you have a Mac with high-end graphics capability it’s worthwhile the effort.

Rumors have fallen that Apple is launching its own VR headset. As we know Apple encourages its users to only use its products rather than search for other brands.

They don’t show any interest in making their devices compatible with other brands. 


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