Can You Change The Colour Of Your MacBook Keyboard?

A keyboard with light just under the keys is known as a backlit keyboard. If you have been wondering whether or not you can change the backlight color of your MacBook keyboard, the answer is yes.

The 21st century is the era of modernization and self-expression, where the fusion of technology and creativity has played a significant role in the lives of the millennials and Gen Z. As a result, personalizing your essential gadgets, particularly your MacBook, can help you to express yourself or simply make your device look pretty.

There are several reasons and different ways you would want to modify your MacBook’s keyboard.

Reasons for customizing your MacBook keyboard:

One of the reasons you want to alter the color of your keyboard is to give it a fresh new updated look. The keys, which you might become tired of pressing daily, might look brand new if you change the backlight color.

If your elder sibling presents you with a hand-me-down MacBook, you can modify the keyboard’s color to make it more appealing to you. Although changing the skin of your laptop is an option along with other customization techniques, changing the keyboard’s backlight is significantly easier.

Therefore, by customizing your keyboard you can play with different colors and stay true to your aesthetic, whether sticking to a particular color or a variety of colors.

Methods to change the colour of your MacBook keyboard:

You can change the backlight colour of your MacBook keyboard in three ways. These methods can be used for both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air where the lights at the back of the key light up.


The brightness of the light can be adjusted manually according to your preference using the F5 key. This can also be done from System Preferences > Keyboard and then turning up or turning down “Keyboard brightness”.

Even though the light often comes in white, you can customize the hues by pressing down on the keys built into your keyboard for this option. This can be considered the easiest method out of the three. However, you have to make sure to look for the correct keys because they may differ between MacBook models.

Through Coding

Another approach is to change the backlight using a little bit of coding. For this, changing the keyboard lighting color can be done by using a program like Keyboard Maestro or Karabiner. This is mainly done by people who know some basics about coding.

Through Third- Part Apps

Finally, you can also take help by installing some third-party apps, for example, QLColorCode or ColorpickerX. These applications provide a huge range of colours in all shades of the rainbow.

Hence, by using these three methods you can alter the lighting of your MacBook keyboard, from the absolute minimal to the most maximal.


In conclusion, whether you want to provide some of your own personality to your MacBook or simply vamp up your old device, you can change the colour of your device’s keyboard.

This method requires some effort because you need to find the correct adjustment settings and use the proper keys. However, the end result will be extremely satisfying and soothing to the eyes, especially when you are typing for an assignment or simply surfing the internet in the dark.

However, the three procedures mentioned above would guide you to switch the colour of your keyboard according to your own aesthetic. 


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