Can You Charge A Laptop With USB?

We like to carry our devices, especially laptops, outside the home for work and entertainment. Imagine if we forget to take the charger with the laptop and the battery is going to be 0% soon, what will be the immediate solution? Stop that emergency work or go back home wasting all your time?

Need to find a perfect solution immediately to charge the laptop. Now in this modern tech world, charging the laptop without a laptop charger is possible. 

Yes, you can charge your laptop instantly by adding a power source and transferring to the battery with USB.

Can any USB charge the laptop?

USB is a common port in our smartphones and laptops. We generally use the USB port to charge our smartphones, then why not in a laptop?

Before charging with a USB port, we need to understand some key points and features. Not all USB ports will allow you to charge the laptop from a power source.

It is very easy to find out if you know the features of USB ports presented in your laptop.

Different types of USB for charging

Introducing three types of USB cables.

  • USB Type A

It is a common USB in most laptops. It can exchange a sizable amount of data but can’t transfer huge power to charge the battery. 

  • USB Type B

It is a smaller version or micro USB that connects peripheral devices. It can carry power to supply with a special adapter which is not perfect for charging a battery. The impractical design makes this USB imperfect for manufacturers.

  • USB Type C

Build-in USB C can charge your laptop with USB C cable. It is the latest USB and available in modern laptops as a primary charger.

How to charge laptop with USB

The modern USB C cable can charge a laptop. Ensure the USB C port is usable for charging from the laptop manual or manufacturer. 

The first one is more efficient if you find both slots for a traditional charger and a USB C port. You can use the USB C port as an alternative when you don’t have a charger.

The charging speed varies depending on the power delivery mechanism and the charging cable. 

With the perfect cable and connector, you can charge the laptop. The USB version is updating to increase its power and features. The latest one is USB4 version 2. 

The latest technology of USB makes the perfect solution to difficulties regarding charging devices. Modern technology is working on charging all the devices with the same charger.

Many companies have already merged their difficulties and used modern USB technology for smartphones and laptops.

Different power sources to charge laptop with USB

Also, you can select different power sources for charging the laptop with USB in different situations. It can be the smartphone power bank or the car charging port. But you need to ensure a USB C-type port and connector for the laptop.

  • Charge laptop in car with USB

The car can supply electricity to charge the laptop via USB. But there are some requirements. You need an AC Adapter (One end with USB Type-A connector and the other with USB C connector) and USB car charger. 

Plugging the car charger with a charging port and USB C connector in the laptop will start the charging.

  • Charge the laptop with a power bank

The power bank is the best portable charging gadget. It can charge a laptop via USB.

There are USB A and USB C-based power banks. USB C is more powerful and perfect for a laptop. Connecting a USB C-based power bank with a cable in the USB C port of the laptop will start the charging.


Now the laptop charger can’t make you down. Using alternative charging methods, you can charge your laptop anytime and anywhere with a USB Type C port.


I have had a laptop shop in California since 2011. I love to share my info with you guys.

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