Can you download amazon prime movies on a laptop?

Yes, videos can be downloaded from amazon prime on your laptop. You know Amazon prime offer a big collection of movies,  documentaries, and different shows.

By following some simple process, you can download amazon prime movies. You can watch them offline, thanks to this wonderful feature of downloading their movies.

Why should you watch amazon prime movies? 

There are many amazing features amazon prime offers you as a subscriber. Some of them are given below:

Originality in content

Amazon prime provides you with quality content. The amount of quality content you’ll get by subscribing to it is quite impressive. By comparing with other content platforms, you can see the difference in the originality of their content.

Video quality  

If you like to experience content in high-quality resolution, amazon prime can be your destination. They provide many contents that are available in 4K or HDR quality. With a good broadband network and high-resolution supported TV, you can witness quality content in wonderful quality

Download offline

This feature will help you greatly if you don’t have a smooth internet connection. However, if you are traveling and can’t ensure an uninterrupted network, just download the movies and enjoy them as much as you want. 

Range in accessibility 

Features like dubbing and subtitles can increase your watch experience on a platform. Amazon prime ensures these accessibilities. You can easily enable subtitles and change the audio channel to whichever language you prefer. 

Content for every age group 

The problem you face before subscribing to any platform is to ensure content for every member of your family. Happily, amazon prime video has something to offer every member of your family. You’ll find vintage films for your elderly members and can also find content for your children.

You can also have good parenting control by creating children’s profiles which will stop your children from getting exposed to adult content. 

Things to know before download 

The videos downloaded from amazon prime have some restrictions on viewing. You will have 30 days to start watching your videos. After these 30 days, the downloaded video will not be available to watch. Once you start watching a video, you’ll have 48 hours to finish watching it.

If you don’t have a paid amazon prime membership, you can’t use this feature. You also have to be in the U.S. and its territories to enjoy this feature from Amazon.

Common issues and their fix 

Amazon Prime promises a smooth journey for you with them. But, due to some technical problems, you may face inconvenience in your service. To avoid problems like video not playing, accounts not working, etc. You should check the tricks given below if you face issues while playing:

  • Check for stable internet. For streaming, amazon suggests you have at least a 15 Mbps internet connection to get a smooth experience. So, if you face difficulties, check the internet speed of your ISP and act accordingly. 
  • You can use only two devices at a time using an amazon prime subscription. So, if you are logged in using multiple devices, please ensure not to use more than two devices.
  • Ensure the latest updates to get all the new features and options from amazon prime video.


Amazon prime video is gaining popularity day by day. The amount of content they are enriching themselves is quite commendable. Choosing amazon prime movies to download your favorite content is suggestable.

You can download the content and re-watch it as many times as you want. Just get a paid amazon prime membership and enjoy the content!


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