Can You Fix A Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing?

The laptop is one of the important devices in our daily life. But we may have to face various problems to use this amazing invention of science. One of them is a cracked laptop screen.

One of the most important parts of a laptop is the Screen. So, if that screen is cracked, then the laptop is no longer usable normally. In this article, we will know whether a cracked laptop screen can be fixed, how much can it be fixed without replacement and how much can it not be replaced if it is cracked.

Types of Screen in Laptop

To know about laptop screen cracks, you first need to understand the laptop screen type. Generally, there are two types of laptop screens, one is LCD and the other is LED.

Because of the light-absorbing particles that make up LCD screens, when light hits such screens, that light is no longer reflected. But on top of the LED screen, there is a thin layer made of a glass-like transparent material and there are no light-absorbing particles inside a result it reflects light.

This type of screen is used more on mobiles. However, although some brands use LED-type displays, most of them use LCD-type displays on their laptops.

What Types Of Cracks Can Occur In Laptops?

Firstly, prolonged stress on the laptop screen can damage the screen.  

Secondly, while taking it out of the bag or in some other way, the laptop screen can be hit, which can damage the affected part.  

Thirdly, the screen part is attached to the pivot of the laptop. So, sometimes opening or closing it hastily can damage or break the pivot part. As a result, the laptop screen cracks.

When the laptop display is cracked for any such reason, the nanoparticles spread inside the laptop display and the ink inside them is scattered on the display.

Small particles can also be seen when the screen is opened due to damage to the internal transistors. So the entire display may need to be changed.

What To Do If The Laptop Screen Is Cracked?

If the laptop screen is cracked for some reason, the first thing to do is keep calm. Don’t panic at all. Then what needs to be done is,

Check the Display

Open the laptop to check and see what is showing on the screen or what is the current status of the screen. After watching, the laptop should be shut down.  

Checking Graphics Card

At this stage, the laptop needs to be restarted and connected to another monitor with a VGA or HDMI cable. This method can also be done using Bluetooth or WiFi on some laptops.

If the laptop graphics are visible on the monitor at this stage, then there is nothing wrong with the graphics card. But if it is not seen, then it must be assumed that there is a problem with the graphics card of the laptop.

How To Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacement? 

In fact, a cracked laptop screen cannot be fixed in the long run without replacement.  Because if the inner display is damaged, it must be replaced completely, but if the upper screen is cracked, it can be temporarily solved by things like Baking soda, Plastic bags, and sandpaper.

It is best to contact the servicing center of that brand of laptop quickly and use it if it is under warranty. But if you want to do it yourself, you will need

  • A table,
  • A container,
  • A sharp object or blade,
  • A slotted screwdriver,
  • And tape.

However, it is better to get it done by professionals who do servicing if you don’t have previous experience. In short, whether the laptop screen crack can be fixed depends on the screen crack, if the outside is cracked, then the screen can be used temporarily without being cracked. 

But if the inside is cracked, the screen has to be replaced, there is no other way.  So, depending on the type of laptop screen crack, whether you can fix it without replacement or not.


Fixing a crack in a laptop is a complicated process, depending on the size and type of crack. So, the user must be more careful in using the laptop, in addition to learning the methods to diagnose and solve cracking issues.


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