How Long Do HP Laptops Last?

How Long Do HP Laptops Last

The Hewlett-Packard Company, mostly known as HP is one of the most popular computer brands. They are famous for high-end laptops and other services. Since its foundation in 1939, the company has launched so many powerful and durable devices.

These days HP laptops are even more powerful and innovative. For your kind information, in the US the brand holds more than 25% market share. So, undoubtedly their laptops are very popular all over the world.

As per the official website of HP, they’ve claimed that the average lifespan of a mid-budget HP laptop is roughly three years. But it may depend on how a user is using his/her device.

Though the lifespan of laptops largely depends on the activity of the user, the quality also matters. In this case, HP has a good reputation for providing long-lasting service. So, how long do HP laptops last actually? 

In this article, you’re going to find the answer.

How Long Do HP Laptops Last: Reasons And Facts Behind

In short, the company claims that the average lifespan of an HP laptop is near three years for mid-budget devices. For high-end, it may be near 5-6 years. But the story doesn’t end here. They also claim that it may vary from user to user as it depends on how you use and care for your device.

As we all know, the laptop is not a single part device. Rather it is a machine containing too many different parts. So, the lifespan also depends on the performance of the various integrated parts. Most importantly on Battery. Also, RAM, hard drive, motherboard, keyboard are vital parts. Let’s see how long they last:

The Lifespan Of Hp Laptops Batteries:

It actually depends on how you charge and how long you use your device. The lifespan of a battery is divided into two parts.

  1. Short term battery life
  2. Long term battery life

Short-term battery life indicates how long the battery serves after one full charge. Whereas, the long-term lifespan of the battery means, how long it would serve while doing satisfactory performance.

Normally, an HP laptop’s original battery lasts for nearly 7-8 hours at first. It may vary from user to user and also depends on models. Some users claim that they got even 4-4.5 hours of battery backup even after three years of continuous use. But they agreed that they’ve used the device with intensive care. Like using an original adapter, charging it properly, never charging all night, etc.

They’ve also suggested that you should never use your device when the charge is under 15%. In this manner, your device’s battery can last longer.

The Lifespan Of HP Laptops Hardware:

Laptops are basically integrated machines with the processor, motherboard, RAM, hard drive, etc. When it comes to HP, they always try to provide the best quality products within budget. For mid-budget HP laptops, three years are the average lifespan for parts like keyboard, touchpad, etc.

Other parts like processor or motherboard begin to drop performance after 3 or 4 years too. These days, modern CPUs and GPUs are more powerful and durable at the same time. Though these devices also cost much, they serve pretty well for sure.


There is no hard and fast rule to determine a laptop’s lifespan. So, it’s a bit complicated to say how long do HP laptops last. If you’re spending much on your device, of course, it’ll last longer than a cheaper one.

Besides, it also depends on your handling capability of the device too. If you’re a rough user, then maybe your device won’t be durable. Again, a gaming laptop will start dropping performance soon than a laptop that is only used for mailing and browsing.

So, in short, following some good practices will increase your laptop’s average life. Like proper charging, not using a laptop in low battery condition, cleaning unnecessary files from time to time and keeping the device neat and clean, etc. These habits will make your HP laptops more durable and will help to perform better.


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