How Much Does It Cost Apple To Make A Laptop

Apple discloses its information to no one outside of Apple. But after the analysis by analysts, it has come to know that including production cost, manufacturing, and labor costs, Apple will cost around 200$ to 300$ approximately. 

You know Apple laptops are known as MacBooks with their signature operating system macOS. Although MacBooks are expensive, they are also known for their excellent performance and build quality.

How much does it actually cost Apple?

Since Apple refuses to disclose that information, it is hard to determine the exact cost of producing laptops.

But analysts assume that it costs around 1000$ to 1200$ to make a MacBook. The exact cost of making a MacBook is not known by anyone outside. The predicted price includes the manufacturing cost, labor cost, and production cost.

Factors that affect the cost of Apple laptops

Several factors affect the production cost of Apple laptops. These also vary depending on the model and year of production.

  1. Materials: Apple uses high-quality materials for their laptops which increases the production cost of the laptops.
  2. Labor and assemble costs: Although Apple laptops are assembled in China, where the labor cost is comparatively lower than other countries, Apple follows strict rules about their manufacturing and quality control, which increases the production costs.
  3. Marketing: Apple spends a huge amount of money in advertising their laptops, which is added to the production cost of their laptops.
  4. Supply Chain: Apple works with many suppliers and manufacturers, which also increases their production cost for a laptop.

How much Apple earns back from their laptops?

Apple doesn’t want to disclose this information also. But it is expected that Apple makes a good profit of around 100$ to 200$ for one laptop, which helps Apple to earn back the production cost for their laptops.

It is notable that Apple makes a good amount of profit by selling their laptops, they do not lose their money by selling laptops. 

Why are MacBooks so expensive?

MacBooks are usually more expensive than laptops. But the price tag is justified for their product. Apple uses high-quality performance, build quality, hardware specifications, and other features in their MacBooks.

A breakdown cost of materials used in the MacBook Pro 15-inch model in 2018 is shown below:

  • Display: $223.50
    • Processor: $209.00
    • Memory: $75.00
    • Storage: $168.00
    • Keyboard and Trackpad: $28.50
    • Battery: $22.50
    • Other hardware: $389.00

These are the estimated cost of the components only. These do not include the cost of research and development, marketing, or other overhead costs associated with the production and sale of Apple’s laptops.


From this article, you can see the factors that make Apple laptops so expensive. Although Apple keeps the exact cost of making a laptop a guarded secret, experts have estimated that it costs Apple several thousand dollars to produce their laptops.

In spite of high production costs, Apple provides high-quality laptops to its customers. The sleek design, powerful performance, and user-friendly interface are worth every single penny Apple laptops cost.

Besides the high cost of production, manufacturing, labor, and other costs, Apple tries to maintain its market.


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